Introduction to Mobile Security
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Mobile devices continue to grow in importance in managing our personal and business lives. As such, it makes them particularly vulnerable to attacks and how to defend against them. This course is an excellent starting point to understand the different types of mobile devices, understand the risks associated with mobile devices, develop a list of ways to secure mobile devices, learn how to apply mobile device app security, and learn how to implement BYOD security.

This course not only covers the fundamentals of mobile security, but also provides a hands-on experience through the use of live virtual machine labs, lab simulations, and case projects. Hands-on projects will have you create and use QR codes, use software to locate a missing laptop, and install an Android emulator to test different antimalware tools.

3 Months / 7 Course Hrs

What You Will Learn
  • Learn the fundamentals of mobile security
  • Hands-on experience in mobile security with labs and simulations
How you will benefit
  • Mobile security with the labs, simulations, and projects
  • Increase your confidence and understanding of this evolving area of cyber security
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