Code Without Barriers: Empowering Women, Igniting Tech Excellence

Code Without Barriers" initiative, a groundbreaking project by Microsoft dedicated to breaking down barriers for females in the tech industry. Microsoft, believes in the power of diversity and inclusion and commitment to fostering an inclusive tech ecosystem is embodied in initiatives like Code Without Barriers. The tech industry thrives when diverse perspectives come together to innovate. Unfortunately, barriers often hinder the full participation of females. Code Without Barriers is our proactive response to this challenge.

Objective of CWB

  • To improve diversity within their organizations and offer career opportunities to female creators and developers.
  • To increase the diversity in Cloud, Data & AI, and technical talent in APAC.
  • To enable female developers, coders, and other technical talent to contribute towards inclusive economic growth, encourage innovation, and better reflect the societal makeup of their region.
  • To increase technical talent pools in the countries.

Why Women Empowerment?

In cloud computing, 88% of professionals are men; in engineering and Data and AI, the numbers are 85% and 74% respectively.Unless the sector can balance the ledger by making roles attractive to women, then we risk missing out on the full potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The tech sector remains heavily dominated by men. According to the World Economic Forum, the greatest challenge preventing the economic gender gap from closing is women’s under-representation in emerging roles.
Research by Deloitte suggests companies with an inclusive culture are six times more likely to be innovative. By staying ahead of changes, they are twice as likely to hit better financial targets.

Why AI, Data, and Cloud?

The global artificial intelligence industry is expected to create approximately 97 million new job roles. With the advancement of AI technology, sectors such as healthcare, finance, and education are adopting AI-based solutions, which is creating a surge in demand for AI-related skills. Worldwide spending on cognitive and artificial intelligence systems reached $77.6 billion during the same year and cognitive capabilities are poised to have an impact on nearly every corporate IT function. AI and machine learning have the potential to create an $2.6 trillion in value for marketing and sales.


What is Code Without Barriers?

Recognised as a Leader across all categories

Microsoft along with their partners in India, launched Code; Without Barriers to help close the gender gap in the region’s fast-growing Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data sectors. Eligible women candidates:
1. Students
2. Educators
3. Early Career Professionals
4. Professionals on career break planning to return to career.

Benefits for Students

  • The training encompasses industrial-relevant skills such as Cloud, Data, and AI technologies, helping students be industry-ready.
  • Free learning sessions on PL 900 and PL 300 for participants.
  • Credentials on completion of Cloud Skill Challenge.
  • Discounted Microsoft Certifications.
  • Recognition and prizes for best achievers.
  • Participants gain practical, hands-on experience in developing innovative solutions.
  • Participation in Hackathon and Hackathon Certificate for top students of the program.
  • Opportunity to get funded USD 1,00,000 for your start-up idea.