Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) Certification

Active Edu-Technologies India Pvt.Ltd., a Microsoft Authorised Education Partner (AEP). Our continuous and prompt efforts labelled us as the leading International certification consultants. Our credible international certification offers the learners reputed jobs anywhere in the world. Our line of course and certifications include Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe Certified Associate, Microsoft technology associate, Autodesk Certified User (ACU), QuickBooks Certified User, International certificate in accounting from IAAP (an UK awarding body).
The company also plays a major part in skilling project of Central government i.e. NSDC projects which bridges the gap between the employer and employee. Thus, the company have an active placement assistance cell too so as to fill the demand of skills in the market. Digital Literacy is also a segment of focus of company and has been running several initiatives for students and educators to transform education through effective technology, pedagogical innovation.

What is MCE ?

Educators are globally working to design new models of learning that better prepare learners the purpose of this guide is to help educators identify and understand the 21st century skills that are demonstrated in students’ work products. The Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) certification validates that educators have the global educator technology literacy competencies needed to provide a rich, custom learning experience for students. A MCE is oriented to handle the technology skills to accomplish society goals using the technology. The MCE is designed to provide a richer learning experience through which one can upgrade teaching skills to Mapp with 21st century.
UNESCO is promoting the abilities to teach in the information era. This is a new education focus to be problem-solving. Students will be able to generate knowledge, creativity, to influence society in problems that concern them by generating peaceful solutions.The UNESCO ICT can be used in any class, The MCE will give you valuable pedagogic tips and education policies. There are UNESCO ICT goals that are implicit in a Microsoft course like the use of technology and the goals to solve real life problems.

Objectives of MCE

This course describes six dimensions of students’ 21st century learning, each of which represents an important skill for students for develop:

  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge construction
  • Self-regulation
  • Real-world problem-solving and innovation
  • Use of ICT for learning

Benefits of MCE

Benefits of implementing a MCE professional development and certification program include:

  • Ensures Teachers have basic understanding of Education Technology tools.
  • Can acquire an immense knowledge in 21st Century Learning Design (21st CLD) skills into learning activities using Microsoft tools for education and orient the objective goals to the UNESCO ICT goals.
  • Ensures Teachers can demonstrate how to successfully incorporate 21st century into lessons
  • Ensures Teachers know which Education technology tools can support which specific 21st century skills
  • Provides access to free effective professional development
  • Stand distinct as Global 21st Century teacher.
  • Global Recognition.
  • A certificate with global validity and can access their certificates through online from anywhere in the world.
  • Can prove their competency and establish their expertise through the Microsoft certification.
  • Provide individuals with an accepted, portable credential that establishes their level of computer competence.
  • Four Ways Digital Badges Empower Careers

  • Sharing badges on social media expands the reach of your credential in a way that a paper counterpart simply can’t. Sharing skills, especially over a professional platform like LinkedIn, can turn into great opportunities for networking.
  • Adding a hyperlinked badge image to an email signature is a great way to make sure your professional network is aware of your certifications.
  • Showing your badge on your resume will show hiring managers proof that you are proficient in your job competencies.
  • Displaying your badge will add credibility to your portfolio and allow you to show your credentials to employers.